Addressing Soft Tissue Flexor Apparatus Injuries with the World's First Equine Orthotic

Read about Horsepower Technologies in Henry Schein's 2018 Equine magazine.

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Mack Molding on FastTrack to help horses

Vermont Business Magazine Horsepower Technologies Inc, a Massachusetts-based healthcare and technology company dedicated to combating equine lameness, has contracted Mack Molding to manufacture its groundbreaking product, FastTrack, the first rehabilitative orthotic...

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Vets Give New Equine Performance Assessment Method Thumbs Up

Veterinarians extensively tested a riding assessment that addresses 24 ridden behaviors and collectively approve its effectiveness. 

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Interview at the Lake Placid Horse Show!

Please view Horsepower Technologies Inc. CEO & President, Mouli Ramani, recent interview at the Lake Placid Horse Show! Learn how FastTrack was developed and get the most up to date...

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Recognizing Subtle Lameness

Watch the four part series Recognizing Subtle Lameness, featuring UK's renown equine orthopedic specialist, Dr Sue Dyson.

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Grayson-Jockey Club Approves $1.2 Million for Equine Research

Learn about the projects the Grayson-Jockey Club funding will kick start and the continuing projects this money will propel.

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The Most Common Western Performance Horse Lamenesses

After researching 10 years of medical records, Sherry A. Johnson, DVM, and her team have some interesting findings to share regarding lameness cases in Western performance horses.

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Case Report: Diagnosing Lameness in a Barrel Racer

Some lameness is critical to address and treat right away.

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Horsepower Technologies Launches World’s First Rehabilitative Orthotic for Horses

San Antonio, TX – November 20, 2017 – Horsepower Technologies™ Inc. (HTI), a Massachusetts-based healthcare and technology company dedicated to combating equine lameness, has developed a scientifically-proven, innovative product for horses...

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Horsepower Technologies receives media coverage from the Lowell Sun

Horsepower Technologies was featured by the Lowell Sun newspaper as an emerging company in the Lowell area.  "Horsepower Technologies exemplifies the types of startup companies the UMass Lowell Innovation Hub...

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