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The Most Common Western Performance Horse Lamenesses

After researching 10 years of medical records, Sherry A. Johnson, DVM, and her team have some interesting findings to share regarding lameness cases in Western performance horses.

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Case Report: Diagnosing Lameness in a Barrel Racer

Some lameness is critical to address and treat right away.

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Seeking Relief

Seeking Relief: Current Directions in Equine Pain Management

Learn what veterinarians are doing to improve how they control equine pain.

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Stumble Photo

When is a stumble something serious?

A misstep every now and again isn't much to worry about, but some types of stumbles warrant immediate attention.

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Yes Your Overweight Horse is at Risk for Laminitis FINAL

Yes, Your Overweight Horse is at Risk for Laminitis

“Horses with body condition score of 7 or higher, generalized and/or regional adiposity, larger neck circumference, and decreased height (think pony) were at an increased odds of developing laminitis.”

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Accelerating Medical Progress on Equine Lameness FINAL

Accelerating Medical Progress on Equine Lameness

Comprehensive overview of the modern advances on equine medicine focus on lameness.

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Observation, Science, and Equine Lameness Diagnosis

A significant number of pain-related gait abnormalities in horses are evident only when the horse is ridden, and are not apparent when the horse is hand-walked or longed.

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Study Lamenesses3

Study: Lamenesses Might Not Originate From Where You Think

New research is revealing some horses appear lame in one limb, might actually be compensating for pain in another foot or leg.

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Study Body

Scientists Study Body Lean in Sound Horses

Read about a recent study which suggests how some horses compensate for lameness by changing the angle of leaning in one direction of a circle.

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5 Common Sport Horse Injuries

This article explains how five common types of sporthorse injuries happen, how they're treated and how they may affect your horse's career.

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