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    Addressing Soft Tissue Flexor Apparatus Injuries with the World's First Equine Orthotic

    Read about Horsepower Technologies in Henry Schein's 2018 Equine magazine.

  2. FastTrack 1 w out strap2
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    Horsepower Technologies Launches World’s First Rehabilitative Orthotic for Horses

    San Antonio, TX – November 20, 2017 – Horsepower Technologies™ Inc. (HTI), a Massachusetts-based healthcare and technology company dedicated to combating equine lameness, has developed a scientifically-proven, innovative product for horses...

  3. media coverage
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    Horsepower Technologies receives media coverage from the Lowell Sun

    Horsepower Technologies was featured by the Lowell Sun newspaper as an emerging company in the Lowell area.  "Horsepower Technologies exemplifies the types of startup companies the UMass Lowell Innovation Hub...

  4. sanctuary
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    The Horsepower Team Visits The Sanctuary

    The Horsepower Technologies team had the opportunity February to tour The Sanctuary, located in sunny Ocala, FL with Mike Stenner, the General Manager.

  5. HTA Attends NAVC
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    HTI Attends NAVC

    This February the Horsepower Technologies team attended the North American Veterinary Conference in Orlando, FL. This year was the first time all exhibits were under one roof, rather than split...

  6. Seeking Relief

    Seeking Relief: Current Directions in Equine Pain Management

    Learn what veterinarians are doing to improve how they control equine pain.

  7. Study Lamenesses3

    Study: Lamenesses Might Not Originate From Where You Think

    New research is revealing some horses appear lame in one limb, might actually be compensating for pain in another foot or leg.

  8. Study Body
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    Scientists Study Body Lean in Sound Horses

    Read about a recent study which suggests how some horses compensate for lameness by changing the angle of leaning in one direction of a circle.

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    Horsepower Technologies™ Introduces FastTrack™ at 62nd annual AAEP conference.

    Horsepower Technologies™ announced today the introduction of the FastTrack™ rehabilitative leg wear at the 2016 AAEP conference.

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    Survey: One-Third of Horses With Health Problems are Lame

    This year’s British National Equine Health Survey (NEHS) revealed that respondents reported that 38% of horses were suffering from health problems, and of these a third (32.9%) were categorized as lame.

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    One in nine UK horses lame, survey finds

    38% of UK’s horses were reported as having at least one health issue and of these, almost a third were lame. Statistics were found during the 2016 National Equine Health Survey.

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    Researchers Investigate Leg Bandage Pressure

    Nathan Canada, DVM, MS, and colleagues at the Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine recently sought to quantify the amount of pressure both compression bandages and standing wraps exert.

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    A Review and Update on Tendon and Ligament Injuries

    Read about three of the top common lameness’s in sport horses, the latest research statistics and how leading veterinarians are treating these injuries.

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    Epidemiology of musculoskeletal injuries in a population of harness Standardbred racehorses in training

    Recent study investigates the incidence rates of musculoskeletal injuries causing horses’ withdrawal from training for 15 days or longer.

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