How it Works

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Size The Horse

Veterinarians use the FastTrack Sizing Kit to take specific measurements of the horses legs. The measurements collected will help Horsepower determine what size FastTrack best fits the horse, providing ultimate comfort

  1. Use the FastTrack cannon tool and measurement card to easily measure 3 locations along the horse’s cannon bone.
  2. Measure the fetlock width using the same tool to ensure clearance around the joint.
  3. Use the FastTrack pastern tool to measure the circumference of the pastern.


Heat & Custom Fit

Veterinarian will heat FastTrack using a portable Heater Kit to thermo-form the padding to the exact shape of the horse’s limb.

  • Insert FastTrack into Heater Kit and warm for ~10 minutes.
  • The heating process activates the inner padding, allowing it to mold to the exact contours of the horse’s leg.
  • While the padding is warm, fit the FastTrack onto the horse’s leg.
  • Once the padding cools, FastTrack retains its shape for a custom fit.


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Rehabilitation Protocol

After a veterinarian has completed the heating and fitting process, FastTrack is ready for use! The veterinarian will recommend a rehabilitation exercise protocol (Horsepower Rehabilitation Guideline for FastTrack- hyperlink) for the owner/trainer to follow. Although specific protocols vary depending on the horse’s particular injury, FastTrack will typically be worn daily depending on the protocol.

  • Duration of exercise with FastTrack
  • SafeStop setting: 90-0 degrees fetlock range of motion.
  • Exercise: hand walking, under saddle, lunging, walk, trot, canter.
  • Veterinarian will determine duration of exercise with FastTrack™.
  • Rehabilitation can last a few weeks or several months.

Note that protocols may vary with the location, duration and severity of injury, the medical history, the current state of healing or discretion of the veterinarian.