Horsepower Technologies™ is an animal healthcare and biotech company dedicated to combating equine lameness through the commercialization of products that reduce its incidence as well as the rehabilitation times associated with lameness.

Horsepower Technologies™ began as the vision of one woman, Wendy Drumm. Wendy was a successful marketing executive in the healthcare space who achieved a life-long goal of purchasing her dream horse, Gio, in 2008. But just 9 months later, Gio broke his leg and needed to be euthanized. Shaken by the tragedy and having been exposed to the prevalence of lameness in sport horses, she found herself asking why so many of them were dying due to non-life threatening injuries. She concluded that there must be a better way.

Wendy left her healthcare marketing career, and helped assemble a world class team of researchers, veterinarians, scientists and product designers from academia and industry. Her singular goal was to ascertain why so many sport horses go lame and what could be done to prevent it. With Dr. Carl Kirker-Head, a renowned equine surgeon and director of the Orthopedic Research Laboratory at Tufts University, she co-led the effort to solve this problem.

Within a few years Horsepower Technologies™ was founded. The company had built an impressive stable of test horses and the team had conducted extensive on-animal and laboratory research as well as dialogue with veterinarians, riders, trainers, and horse owners. The team was able to definitively show that fatigued horses were increasingly susceptible to over-extension (hyper-extension) of the fetlock joint. It is well recognized that when ligaments and tendons are exposed  to hyper-extension they produced micro-tears that often lead to clinical injuries such as bowed tendons and suspensory desmitis. This research became the basis for the development of Horsepower Technologies’™ lightweight, innovative lameness product; namely the rehabilitative orthotic, FastTrack™ , and the preventative orthotic SoundTrack™. Horsepower Technologies™ has been granted several domestic and international patents for our products.

Since 2013, Horsepower Technologies™ has focused on building prototype parts and conducting extensive on-animal and in-lab testing of the products. More recently, Horsepower has spent significant effort in product commercialization and in building out the management team, including having recruited Mouli Ramani as President and CEO. Horsepower Technologies™ introduced the company and FastTrack™ to the US veterinary community at the 2016 American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) conference in Orlando, FL in late 2016. FastTrack™ is now available and ready for purchase.

The Team

Horsepower Technologies has recruited and assembled an enviable management and leadership team with significant experience both in commercializing early-stage technology products as well as a deep understanding of the equine industry.

Our Partners

Horsepower Technologies™ has recruited one of the world’s best bioengineering and industrial design firms, MANTA Design of Cambridge MA, to support our commercialization effort. MANTA's team has been recognized with numerous patents and awards, including Industrial Design Excellence Awards, the Consumer Electronics Show's "Best of Home Appliances" award, Time Magazine’s award, Popular Science's "Best of What's New" award, and recognition from the Modern Museum of Art and Chicago Athenaeum.

Horsepower Technologies™ also works closely with Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University in North Grafton, MA, sponsoring research in equine health and welfare at the institution.

Horsepower Technologies also partners with Queen City Dry Goods. QCDG helps clients bring products from concept to market, specializing in soft goods cut & sew development, pattern engineering, spec packs, sample making, sourcing and manufacturing consulting.

Horsepower Technologies™ partners with Tribulus Design. The company offers the best in industrial design, development, and sourcing for projects, across a range of industries, categories, and companies from start-ups to global corporations. Tribulus’ goal is to create irresistibly compelling product solutions, that endear customers to the brand, build momentum, and thereby boost sales & profitability.