David Gilbert

Vice President of Operations and Manufacturing

David is Vice President of Operations and Manufacturing at Horsepower Technologies. He has 20+ years’ operational experience delivering products and generating revenue for consumer electronic, health care, automotive (including electric vehicles), defense and capital equipment markets at start-up to large cap companies.

Prior to Horsepower Technologies he was Vice President of Operations at Qualtré, a start-up that developed high performance MEMS products; Qualtré was acquired by a Tier 1 automotive sensors company. David has also helped Segway (world’s leading provider of electric personal transportation) successfully launch a new electric vehicle with an aggressive product ramp up and sales targeting a >$100M market. David was Vice President of Backend Manufacturing at Lilliputian Systems, a startup that developed a MEMS solid oxide fuel cell product (battery charger) for the $50B portable power consumer electronics market; Lilliputian was acquired. David previously worked for Midé Technology Corp, where he was President and drove research and development, product development, quality, marketing and sales activities to product revenue and licensing agreements. He led the company through record revenue and profit growth over a seven-year period. He has also held technical and management positions at Raytheon Company, Analog Devices, Active Control eXperts (acquired by Cymer) and Cymer (an ASML Company).

David holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering from Purdue University and has completed Raytheon’s Management Development Program. David advises and is on the advisory board for several Boston area high technology companies. David lives in the greater Boston area with his wife and two children.

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