Dr. Carl Kirker-Head

Chief Veterinary Officer

Dr. Kirker-Head has served as Horsepower Technologies’™ Director of Science and its lead equine researcher since the company’s inception. 

Dr. Carl Kirker-Head is the Marilyn M. Simpson Chair in Equine Medicine and Director of the Orthopedic Research Laboratory at Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University. As a Diplomate of the American and European Colleges of Veterinary Surgeons, Dr. Kirker-Head’s clinical focus is the management of equine soundness and ¬¬¬ musculoskeletal surgery. Dr. Kirker-Head also has broad responsibilities as an educator of veterinary and other post-graduate students, veterinary specialists and the general public. Currently, he is the International Chair of AOVET which is the veterinary division of the AO Foundation, the pre-eminent global educator of orthopedic specialists. Outside of clinical service, a primary focus for Dr. Kirker-Head is the research and development of veterinary and human medical devices and drugs, prompting collaborations with industry and government sponsors.

Dr. Kirker-Head grew up in the south of England, competing extensively in equine equitation classes as well as showjumping, tetrathlon and pentathlon. He graduated from the University of Cambridge’s School of Veterinary Medicine before emigrating to the United States to complete his specialty training. He and his family maintain close ties to the thoroughbred racing industry and with his wife Romona they run an equine rehabilitation clinic at their horse farm in Sturbridge, Massachusetts.

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