The Horsepower Team Visits The Sanctuary

Industry News

The Horsepower Technologies team had the opportunity February to tour The Sanctuary, located in sunny Ocala, FL with Mike Stenner, the General Manager. The beautiful 30 acre Ocala facility is right down the street from world class shows such as Live Oak International and HITS. The unique differentiator of this rehabilitation facility is that The Sanctuary has 13 different state of the art therapy solutions available for their clients. Mike showed us their Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber, Aqua-pacer treadmill, Cold saltwater leg spa, Eurociser’s, temperature controlled veterinarian space, equine swimming pool, solarium and vibration plates. He stressed how important it was to involve the horse owner and the horse’s vet throughout the entire rehabilitation process. This requires a clear and steady stream of communication. The Sanctuary’s equine clients may stay anywhere from a day to one year depending on the injury they have sustained.

The Horsepower team is dedicated to learning from the veterinary/rehabilitation center community and industry leaders alike. Our first rehabilitation product, FastTrack™, can be an integral part of any equine lameness rehabilitation regimen. FastTrack™ can also be used as a standalone treatment. We learned so much from Mike Stenner and The Sanctuary team. Thanks to them for insights, their time, and a wonderful tour!