Horsepower Technologies receives media coverage from the Lowell Sun

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Horsepower Technologies was featured by the Lowell Sun newspaper as an emerging company in the Lowell area.  "Horsepower Technologies exemplifies the types of startup companies the UMass Lowell Innovation Hub is attracting to Lowell," said Steve Tello, UMass Lowell senior associate vice chancellor of entrepreneurship and economic development.

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The company is launching its new product FastTrack at the AAEP annual convention in San Antonio, November 2017.  This is part of an ongoing effort to support the equine professional in the treatment and rehabilitation of equine lameness.

The FastTrack rehabilitative leg wear offers the equine industry the first product in a line of science proven devices created by Horse Power Technologies.  Lameness can be debilitating, and treatment for it can be inefficient, expensive or even allow the horse to incur a more serious injury. And soon, Horsepower Technologies will debut a new technology that could change all that.

About Horsepower Technologies

Horsepower technologies through its partnership with the leading US equine research and teaching facilities, is unique in its ability to provide tested, patented, and revolutionary equine rehabilitation devices to veterinarians, equine professionals, and horse owners who seek to improve the quality of life and recovery time for their animals. HPT is a Boston area Animal Health and Biotech company founded in 2011, focused on horses and the equine professional.  Horse Power Technologies creates science proven products while focused on the protection of equine health and welfare, as well as the prevention and relief of equine suffering.